Personal development

Personal development is a necessary process for a human being. To evolve. To survive. Knowledge, activity, skill. 1 hour a day is already a huge step. Reading a book, playing an instrument, yoga session, cooking, cycling. A lot of things that we do every day are already a part of an unconscious self-development. Personal and professional growth is an aspect for a better life. Not just for you. It has a huge impact on the environment around you.
It is as always a part of extending the comfort zone. The bucket list with all those extreme and incredible things, places and activities. My personal experience is being curious about everything. Areas and topics I work with on a daily basis and ones I don’t really have a clue but find fascinating. Taking part in online design course, go to the library and read a book about underwater marine life, or just go for a walk in the park. This leads to a better self-perspective, new knowledge and stable emotions. And of course to better chances in different life sections as family, friends, inner world and work.

Here are some of current great courses and course platforms that you can visit and some articles to read or to put on your ‘do/read this later’ :

  • edX  – is a platform that provides free and ‘pay for certificate’ courses from different universities around the world. Business Management, Design, Computer Science, Languages and more.– visit platform
  • Pixar in a Box on Khan Academy – this is a huge course set on different topics presented by Pixar. Storytelling, Rendering, Light, Environment modelling and more. A gem on the Internet. – visit course
  • Brandon Sanderson’s writing lectures – a series of video lectures by Brandon Sanderson (American fantasy and science fiction writer) that teaches how to write a good fantasy or sci-fi novel. – watch on youtube
  • ‘Experience Design: When Innovation Isn’t Enough’ – article by Patrick Newbery about connection between customers, experience, brand and how designer needs to deal with all of on Wired
  • ‘Hubble Snapped Exquisite Photos of Mars and Saturn as They Passed Earth’ – increadible images of Saturn and Mars made by Hubble Telescope, article by Matthew Phelan – read on inverse
  • ‘Like UX before, the VX wave is coming’ – a article by Yann Lhomme about how UX evolves into a new a new kind of experience, the Viewer Experience. – read on Medium
  • ‘Real petals preserved for eternity’ – an article about casting real petals in to Boucheron jewellery pieces. – read on telegraph
  • ‘The Habitat’ – a podcast about an imitation Mars habitat built in Hawaii that took a whole year to help NASA to understand what life might be like on Mars. – listen on Apple Podcast
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