Multi-disciplinary designer and artist with 10+ years of experience designing visual solutions and content for digital, phygital and real-life products and services.

Yelena is an ambitious, creative person. Grown up in times of Tamagotchi, Spice Girls and Sega Mega Drive. Some of her favourite hobbies are reading, exploring innovations and cooking. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Design (2010) and a Master of Arts in Game Design (2013). Between late 2015 and 2019 Yelena worked as freelance Visual Designer in Munich. Before that she worked as Game Production Assistant and Creative Director.

Currently Yelena works full-time as a Senior Visual Designer at Accenture Song and creates miniatures and art on weekends.
She has extensive experience in creating visual solutions for a wide range of clients, including branding, UI, and digital media. Her design work is characterised by a strong focus on clean, modern aesthetics and a deep understanding of the principles of visual communication. She has been working on projects across different industries such as Metaverse/Web3, Automotive, Finance, Telecommunications, Hospitality, Healthcare, Tourism, Public Sector and Games.

In addition to her work as a designer, Yelena is also an accomplished miniature maker, crafting intricate and detailed miniatures. Her work is defined by a remarkable attention to detail and a deep appreciation for the artistry of small-scale scenes and objects.

As an artist, Yelena explores a wide range of media and techniques, from watercolour painting and digital art to sculpture and dioramas. Her work often reflects her interest in the contrast of natural and geometric worlds, as well as complexity of the human vs nature experience.

Yelena speaks 3 languages fluently  – Russian, German and English.
Being curious sparks her to explore AI, illustration, photography, fashion – she loves getting stuck in with it all!
Furthermore she enjoys speaking at the conferences and teaching design, art and crafting classes! More about art and crafting classes can be found on

Selected clients:

Accenture Song

designaffairs GmbH

Izakaya Ohayou – Japanese Restaurant

Patricia Mestanza Niemi

Talk+DEV/ Talk+ PLAY

TNG Technology Consulting



JOX Gaming

Selected industries:


Public Sector

Oil/Gas Industry




Aviation Industry

Tourism & Hospitality



Services available

Visual Design Art Direction
Branding Concept Development
Experience Design Product Design
UI/UX Rapid Prototyping
Miniature/Dioramas NFT Art Creation

Software I use

Figma Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator Adobe XD
Adobe InDesign Blender
Adobe AfterEffects

Say привет! (“hi” in Russian, read as privet)
Let’s grab a drink to talk about anything – from design and tech to sci-fi novels, fashion and music.
Write her an email. She is always interested in hearing about new challenges and projects. Collaboration inquiries are welcome.