Working and smart procrastinating

Working and procrastinating. Creating stuff and avoiding everything. You’re  surely familiar with the process: binge-watching series on TV, playing games, just walking around or staying in bed as long as possible – it is something good but just for a while. Or if you are working full-time somewhere and you don’t really feel like working at the moment. (And I don’t mean having anxiety or depression. That’s a different complicated topic.)

Smart procrastinating is a thing – you try to avoid the work/important things through doing other “important” things. Reading books, ordering the chaos in … (add your chaotic, messy place here). Sometimes this kind of smart procrastinating is the THING one needs. To sort the head chaos, or think something through in the background of one’s mind. Changing subjects or tasks help the brain to process the information it received shortly. Switching between “intellectual tasks” and “physical tasks” is like training a different group of muscles in the gym. Btw about gyms – it is not necessary to follow thousands and thousands of people to the fitness palace (especially if you are a busy person), but just go for a walk, take the trash out, take a bike ride or do some walking up and down the stairs. The important thing is – don’t stop doing stuff. If you are lacking the motivation for doing anything at all, try to think of positive moment in your life, or of your personal achievements so far. This will bring your motivation on a right level.

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Vegan chocolate cake with pear and walnuts –  find recipe on

Quote of the week:
“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

― Robert Frost

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