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My first design workshop


I visited a lot of different workshops in my life. Design, dance, craft workshops. But I never hold one in my life. This […]

My first design workshop2018-10-24T22:19:24+01:00

Fictional short story ‘Saved’


Dear reader, I am really excited to tell you that this week’s article is 17th blogpost I wrote for the ‘Expanding the comfort zone’ blog. […]

Fictional short story ‘Saved’2018-11-15T17:02:54+01:00

Design tools for a Visual Designer


How often do you ask yourself: What do Visual Designers use to create concepts, prototypes and designs for their projects? A lot of […]

Design tools for a Visual Designer2018-11-15T17:02:59+01:00

London and traveling somewhere for the first time


I really like traveling. It has a special magic of the upcoming unknown with a pinch of surprise. Last week was this kind […]

London and traveling somewhere for the first time2018-11-15T17:03:14+01:00

Designing for an average user


Today’s blogpost is about an average user. UX is about user experience. And to create a specific experience a designer needs to know who […]

Designing for an average user2018-11-15T17:03:20+01:00

Passion for music and the sound of tomorrow


Music is the answer. Last night a DJ saved my life. Groove is in the heart.

You definitely heard these words somewhere […]

Passion for music and the sound of tomorrow2018-11-15T17:03:48+01:00

Doing what you love and finding your purpose


Do what you love. Love. What is love? Especially when it come to things. I am always fascinated and disgusted at the same […]

Doing what you love and finding your purpose2018-11-15T17:08:06+01:00

Having too many interests and about curiosity


Most of the time I was bored at school. A lot of subjects and tasks were not challenging enough, so I lost interest very fast. […]

Having too many interests and about curiosity2018-11-15T17:10:32+01:00

Geometric abstraction and more


Geometric abstraction and more

Straight lines. Simple forms. Black and white. Twisted lines. Compositional intricacy. Vivid colours. Fascinating.

My passion for drawing began in my early […]

Geometric abstraction and more2019-04-07T18:02:38+01:00